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  • Orchid Club Home | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    Decorate Your Life With Us! To Pause An Image, Hold Mouse Over Slide. Upcoming Meetings/Events Our Mission In 1963, the Eastern Airlines Orchid Club was formed to foster good fellowship through the common love of orchids in all their forms and varieties; to share both the knowledge and techniques of culture and the mystery and beauty of the plants and flowers. Educational Programs Community Service Learning Through Sharing Social Events Orchid Events Support American Orchid Society (AOS) Affiliate​ Holiday Party ​ Saturday, January 20, 2024 ​ 6:30 - 9:30 PM The club's annual holiday party will be held at Zoo Miami. It is a fun night with a catered dinner. All club members receive a free orchid plant. This is traditionally an enjoyable evening with members and their guests. February Monthly Meeting ​ Friday, January 16 , 2024 ​ 7:30 PM Monthly meetings are held on the third Friday of the month. The meetings consist of a brief business section, guest speaker, a break to socialize and eat, orchid sharing and orchid raffle for free plants. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm and are open to members and non-members. Visit EALOC On Facebook

  • Interesting Orchid Websites 3 | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    Interesting, Informational and Useful Websites (Part 3) Below are website links that were selected for being interesting, informational and/or useful for orchid enthusiasts. Readers are encouraged to give feedback, as well as send additional website links to the webmaster. Please go to the "Feedback and About" webpage to offer feedback and other website links. The reader's input is the key to making this page helpful to everyone. Link FTBG - WHITMAN TROPICAL FRUIT PAVILLION . This video presents the newly renovated Whitman Tropical Fruits Pavillion, narrated by Chad Husby, Ph.D., Chief Explorer, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. The exhibit now allows visitors to walk through a rainforest cloud. Besides tropical fruit trees, orchids are displayed. When the fruit trees are not in bloom, the orchids provide visual enjoyment to the visitor's experience. Link FTBG - GARDEN EXPLORER . One is now able to explore Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's extensive living collection with a simple search by name, family, or plot number. Finding some of our other highlights, such as our permanent Chihuly glass sculptures, ponds, and exhibits are also made easy by selecting features on the main menu. Just type in either a common or Latin name and it will locate on the garden's map where the plant. Access can be by computer or phone. If one is physically in the garden, it's a useful tool, Link The Orchid Mall - Orchid Societies The website links to orchid societies around the world by region. EALOC is also listed. Please note the many of the society sites have information on culture, plants of interest in the area and other helpful information. They are well worth "checking out." Link The Uses and Misuses of Orchids in Medicine Orchid products, the tubers, leaves or flowers, were introduced into medicine with no testing for human use, and ultimately their use has declined, not through being proven ineffective, but more through lack of evidence and changes in fashion. This article examines the medicinal uses of orchid plants in the Orient, Europe, the Americas, Australia and Africa, and concludes by examining their usage today. Link "Flower of the Holy Spirit" Orchid and Other Videos ​ This website provides many, many videos of unusual flowers found around the world. Some of these flowers have been referenced in previous links on EALOC's website. Especially, check out the "The Flower of the Holy Spirit" orchid. Interesting Websites, (Part 1) Interesting Websites, (Part 4)

  • EALOC By-Laws | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    CLUB ORGANIZATIONAL POLICY In an effort to continuously improve and enhance the success of the club, the newly amended bylaws were ratified by the EALOC general membership at the June meeting. Both EALOC members and non-members are encouraged to learn more about the club and the mission of the group. EALOC BY-LAWS 2023 Click To Download.

  • FTBG National Orchid Garden - Part 1 | ealoclub

    FTBG "National Orchid Garden" - Part 1 Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden initiated its newest conservation project, officially started on March 8 - 10, 2019, as part of its "International Orchid Festival" event. FTBG's goal is to become known as "The National Orchid Garden" whereby it will exhibit the largest orchid collection in the Western Hemisphere. Hundreds of thousands, if not a million, orchids will be placed throughout the garden. 90% of these orchids will be permanently mounted. A slideshow show was created to both describe the entire project and show photographs of orchids that have already been placed in the garden. This slideshow comes in three(3) parts, located on three(3) separate website pages. ​ ***Please note that FTBG is not renaming the garden. Instead, it wants to be recognized as a national garden for orchids. 0 1 41 0 1/42 Return to Slideshow Introuction Click on "Left and Right" Arrows On Sides of Each Slide to Navigate Through Frames. Red Circles on Maps Denote Locales of Garden

  • November Plant Auction 2019 | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    November Orchid Auction, Members, Friends, Food In lieu of the regular general meetings, November is dedicated to having the club's annual auction. This year was bigger and better. There was a record number of bids. The orchids and plants were of the best quality. A good time was had by all. The food and fellowship enhanced the event. If the reader missed this one, be certain to plan to attend next year's fun event. November 2019 Return to Events Photo Review

  • May Picnic | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    May Picnic In lieu of the regular general meetings, the annual picnic is held. Here is an opportunity for club members, families and friends to just have a good time, enjoy one another, as well as commune with nature. May 2019 Return to Events Photo Review

  • EALOC Newsletters 2015 - 2017 | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    Newsletters 2015 - 2017 The club appreciates your interest! To view past newsletters, click on the year and month. For a free online newsletter subscription, please click at the bottom of this page to send the e-mail address. 2015 Click on the Desired Monthly Edition February January March April May June July August September October November December 2016 Click on the Desired Monthly Edition January February April March May June July August September October November December 2017 Click on the Desired Monthly Edition April March February January May June July August September October November December Free Newsletter Subscription Subscribe Your e-mail address was sent successfully! Archived Newsletters

  • About Orchid Club | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    About Founded in 1963 Affiliated with the American Orchid Society In 1963, the Eastern Airlines Orchid Club was formed to foster good fellowship through the common love of orchids in all their forms and varieties; to share both the knowledge and techniques of culture and the mystery and beauty of the plants and flowers. History of the Club The above-mentioned mission statement was created by the Eastern Airlines Orchid Club which was founded in 1963. It was through the interest and hard work of O. Clyde Bramblett that the club was formed. The first meeting was held on July 21, 1963 at the IAM Union Hall at Eastern Airlines on NW 36 Street. Officers were elected for a term of one year. They were President Clyde Bramblett, Vice President Carl Gardner, Secretary Fred Stone and Treasurer Ken McCorkel. Thirty-three people signed the roster and paid their first year's dues of $1.00. The first guest speaker was Mr. Ruben Sauleda, who, at that time, had been featured in the Sunday edition of the Miami Herald because of his pollination of orchid seeds and hybridizing experiments. Later, he became Dr. Sauleda and continued his work at his former business "Ruben in Orchids" where he became well known for his hybridizing and flasking until his retirement in May 2014. Not only did the club promote education in the culture and care of orchids among hobbyists back then, but it was and continues to be very active in the community. *Note : Select "More History" To Learn More About The Club's Development Our Vision We seek knowledge through sharing and learning. Members are encouraged to bring their orchids to the monthly meetings as a means of learning through sharing. Plants are not awarded ribbons, thus, eliminating the stigma of feeling that orchids are not good enough to share. Everyone's orchids are worthy and we urge members to bring them for "show and tell". 2023 Board and Committee Chairs Board Members President - Chris Rawls Vice President - Ralph Hernandez Treasurer - Chris Bernt Special Events - Betty Alexander Members-at-Large - Dean and Suellen Powell, Diane Dickhut, Lou Silva,, Rene Silve, Nora Robbins , Yania Martinez and Jorge Li Committee Chairs Communications - Chris Rawls Refreshments - Lou and Rene Silva Membership - Diane Dickhut Raffle - Suellen Powell Silent Auction - Ralph Hernandez Sunshine - Diane Dickhut Zoo Project - Betty Alexander Kampong Project - Yania Martinez Show and Tell - David Foster AOS Representative - Alexis Dominguez Visit EALOC On Facebook

  • October Orchids 2019 | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    Learning Through Sharing This page is dedicated to showing the plants that members brought from their personal collections to share with others at a monthly meeting. Thereby, club members learn through sharing. Each plant is presented, discussed, admired and appreciated. An added feature of this sharing activity results in members feeling closer to each other, creating an atmosphere of friendship and closeness. October 2022 Bulbophyllum [Bulb.] medusae Jorge Li Bulbophyllum [Bulb.] fascinator Diane Dickhut Encyclia [E.] boothiana Jorge Li Return to "Share and Learn" Page

  • Zoo Miami Orchid Project | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    Zoo Miami Project Many of the club members were also members of the South Florida Orchid Society (SFOS). About 1985, after visiting the San Diego Zoo, Jill Sidran, the president of ths SFOS, promoted interest in having Miami MetroZoo (now Zoo Miami) designated as a rescue center for confiscated plants. After the U.S. Department of the Interior granted the designation, the Zoo built a greenhouse and the SFOS members spent Saturdays placing both donated and confiscated plants in trees and exhibits throughout the Zoo. About 1987, the SFOS felt it could no longer continue with this project. Since the EALOC members felt this was a worthwhile project, EALOC took it over and continues with it to present time. After the devastation of Hurricane Andrew, the greenhouse was rebuilt by the Zoo and the watering system was installed by EALOC members. The greenhouse is now maintained by the club. Through this project, the Zoo Miami's botanical gardens are enhanced for Zoo patrons to enjoy. In appreciation, a bronze plaque is permanently displayed in Zoo Miami to recognize EALOC's contributions. Visit Zoo Miami Website Zoo Miami Foundation

  • Queen of the Night's Bloom | ealoclub

    "Queen of the Night" - Pictorial Journey of Its Bloom The epiphyllum oxypetalum, or “Queen of the Night” cactus, is a perennial that can grow to be up to 10 feet tall. This bloom’s journey of this succulent is both secretive and seductive.\ It blooms during the night and the next morning it is closed, never to open again. To observe this wonder, one must be extremely vigilant. The telltale sign of its premiere performance is when, for approximately three or four days before opening, the stems of the blooms begin to turn upward. These photos are sequenced from beginning to end. The bloom fully opened around 10:00 pm and closed at sunrise. Take note of the angle of the upturning stems previous to blooming. The final morning, the stems dropped. Queen 1 Queen 2 Queen 11 Queen 1 1/11 Click on "Left and Right" Arrows On Sides of Each Slide to Navigate Through Frames.

  • Orchid Club Location | Miami | Eastern Airlines Orchid Club

    Location Monthly meetings are held at Florida International University, South Campus, WC 130 classroom, next to the Wertheim Conservatory (greenhouse). From Southwest 8 Street, turn south on 109 Avenue. Turn into the "red" parking garage immediately on right (west side of avenue). Park on the north side of the ramp leading up to second floor in the "metered" spaces. The parking meter machine is located on the first floor on the southwest corner next to the elevators. Three hours cost $3.00. If requested, the fee will be reimbursed. Just bring the receipt to the treasurer. The classroom is on the south side, across the street from the parking garage, next to the greenhouse. WC 130 Classroom Classroom Adjacent to Werheim Conservatory FIU South Campus

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