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Many of the club members were also members of the South Florida Orchid Society (SFOS). About 1985, after visiting the San Diego Zoo, Jill Sidran, the president of ths SFOS, promoted interest in having Miami MetroZoo (now Zoo Miami) designated as a rescue center for confiscated plants.  After the U.S. Department of the Interior granted the designation, the Zoo built a greenhouse and the SFOS members spent Saturdays placing both donated and confiscated plants in trees and exhibits throughout the Zoo.


About 1987, the SFOS felt it could no longer continue with this project.  Since the EALOC members felt this was a worthwhile project, EALOC took it over and continues with it to present time.  After the devastation of Hurricane Andrew, the greenhouse was rebuilt by the Zoo and the watering system was installed by EALOC members.  The greenhouse is now maintained by the club.


Through this project, the Zoo Miami's botanical gardens are enhanced for Zoo patrons to enjoy.  In appreciation, a bronze plaque is permanently displayed in Zoo Miami to recognize EALOC's contributions.




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