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Interesting, Informational and Useful Websites (Part 4)


Below are website links that were selected for being interesting, informational and/or useful for orchid enthusiasts. Readers are encouraged to give feedback, as well as send additional website links to the webmaster.  Please go to the "Feedback and About" webpage to offer feedback and other website links.  The reader's input is the key to making this page helpful to everyone.


Amazing Trees


This website's contents aren't about orchids.  However, the trees that are pictured at this site are simply superb.  Nature is a wonderous things.  Orchids are unquestionably beautiful, but these trees are equally astounding!!!  Even though they're not orchids, they're truly worthy of being shared and enjoyed.  

An Orchid By Any Other Name: An Asparagus?


This is an article regarding the relationship of the orchid and the asparagus.  What???  It's now being said that "scientists say, studies of the DNA of orchids are revealing a host of surprises, chief among them, that orchids are actually part of the asparagus group, closer kin to these vegetables than to the other, flashier, flowering plants they had been placed with before."

The Wonders of Blooming Flowers


This is not a website.  Rather, it's a link to a video which enables the viewer to observe a variety of flowers in the process of blooming.  Each flower was filmed for two days to get the effect of the blossoming process.  Even though this video is not orchid-specfic, it's worth the time for all lovers of flowers to experience.  Sit back and smell the flowers.  Gail Eller is credited for sharing this link.

Monkey Orchid


The Monkey Orchid , also known as Orchid Simia or Dracula Simia (monkey dragon), has its home in the forests of Peru and Ecuador, and it grows at about 2000 feet above sea levels.  It was given its name by botanist Carlyle A. Lauren back in 1978, due to its resemblance to the funny animal.  There are 118 known varieties of this orchid in Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, where half of them are located.

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