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Interesting, Informational and Useful Websites (Part 2)


Below are website links that were selected for being interesting, informational and/or useful for orchid enthusiasts. Readers are encouraged to give feedback, as well as send additional website links to the webmaster.  Please go to the "Feedback and About" webpage to offer feedback and other website links.  The reader's input is the key to making this page helpful to everyone.


Search The International Orchid Register


According to Wilkipedia, the term grex (pl. greges) is used to expand botanical nomenclature to describe horticultural hybrids of orchids, based solely on their specified parentage.  Parentage search can be used to identify any greges from particular seed or pollen parents.  Grex name search can be used to find the parentage of particular grexes.  

Abandoned Florida


World of Orchids was a working greenhouse located in Kissimmee. It included over thousands of orchids, including rare and unusual types, in a controlled humid environment, complete with waterfalls, streams and ponds full of fish, and parrots which flew overhead.  A 1,000-foot-long boardwalk was also located behind the property which trailed off into the wetlands.  The is a story of an abandoned attraction, including photos.



This website's originates from Ft. Meyers, Florida.  There is a vast amount of information including galleries by both family and month of bloom, calendar of events (including the Miami area) and both text and video tutorials on growing and care of orchids, and much more.  For those wanting an orchid-related calendar, there's a downloaded one.    

The Use of Orchids in Chinese Medicine


This website provides an article which may be of interetst to all orchid hobbyists.  Orchids, especially Gastrodia elata, Dendrobium species and Bletilla striata, continue to be grown commercially in China as a part of a large herbal medicine industry.  This article takes a detailed look at the uses of orchids in Chinese medicine.

OrchidNotes (South Australia's Native Orchids)


OrchidNotes is a website that is all about sharing knowledge and the love of orchids.  It is about the conservation of these jewels of the bush.  Although most of the orchids discussed in this site will be from South Australia, discussion on orchids that are from other parts of Australia and even (sometimes) those from overseas are welcome.  Their aim is to provide a new post on a regular basis.  To make posts more relevant, your questions are welcome.  Contact them 

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