Interesting, Informational and Useful Websites (Part 3)


Below are website links that were selected for being interesting, informational and/or useful for orchid enthusiasts. Readers are encouraged to give feedback, as well as send additional website links to the webmaster.  Please go to the "Feedback and About" webpage to offer feedback and other website links.  The reader's input is the key to making this page helpful to everyone.


Unusual and Interesting Orchids


On this website, the user will be offered many images of unusual and interesting orchids.  By passing the mouse over the image, text will appear that describes and talks about the orchid.  Also, the website address of every image is given so the reader may possibly have a resource for additional information.   Be sure to click on "Show More Images" at the bottom of the page to reveal additional photographs.  

Orchid Forums


Orchid Forum is a website that list a variety of blogs that address different subject.  Do you need a solution to an orchid problem?  Are you seeking specific information?  You can connect with others through a blog.  Choose the blog that relates to what you are seeking.  In order to post, you may have to register.

5 Interesting Facts About Orchids


Do you think you know most everything about orchids?  Check this wesite and find out.  Perhaps, you'll discover an interesting fact you never knew.

The Uses and Misuses of Orchids in Medicine


Orchid products, the tubers, leaves or flowers, were introduced into medicine with no testing for human use, and ultimately their use has declined, not through being proven ineffective, but more through lack of evidence and changes in fashion.  This article examines the medicinal uses of orchid plants in the Orient, Europe, the Americas, Australia and Africa, and concludes by examining their usage today.  

15 Unusual Flowers of the World


On this website, the reader will be able to view and read about unique flowers.  Additionally, one can view other plants around the world.  There are a large variety of plant categories.  Find out about plants listed by "zones" throughout the world, as well.

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