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"POST" Holiday Party 2024

The annual holiday party brings club members and guests together for fun, food and strictly for a good time. The food was abundant and delicious.  Each member received an orchid plant of choice as a gift.  It pays to be an EALOC club member!!!  Club members created orchid-related holiday table pieces.  Every entry was a winner and was awarded a poinsettia, as well.    

January 2024
IMG_1437 edit.jpg
IMG_1432 edit.jpg
IMG_1436 edit.jpg
IMG_1435 edit.jpg
IMG_1434 edit.jpg
IMG_1433 edit.jpg
IMG_1432 edit.jpg
IMG_1430 edit.jpg
IMG_1430 edit.jpg
IMG_1431 edit.jpg
IMG_1427 edit.jpg
IMG_1426 edit.jpg
IMG_1429 edit.jpg
IMG_1425 edit.jpg
IMG_1428 edit.jpg
IMG_1425 edit.jpg
IMG_1424 edit.jpg
IMG_1423 edit.jpg
IMG_1422 edit.jpg
IMG_7820 edit.jpg
IMG_1418 edit.jpg
IMG_1419 edit.jpg
IMG_1421 edit.jpg
IMG_1420 edit.jpg

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