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Interesting, Informational and Useful Websites (Part 5)


Below are website links that were selected for being interesting, informational and/or useful for orchid enthusiasts. Readers are encouraged to give feedback, as well as send additional website links to the webmaster.  Please go to the "Feedback and About" webpage to offer feedback and other website links.  The reader's input is the key to making this page helpful to everyone.



"Directory - Connecting a World of Orchids", is an amazing site.  Here is a vast resource of information, including 712 organizations, 898 vendors and 412 other types of sources.  Check out the following areas:  Art, Events, Software, Culture, Labs, Photography, Blogs, Forums, Periodicals, Supplies, Books, Gardens, Personal and Travel.

Forty of the World's Weirdest Flowers

In the world of floristry beauty is an everyday thing, but as with most things in life, beauty is often in the eye of the beholder.  The author of this website scoured the globe to find the weirdest flowers in the world.  So, get ready to check out 40 flowers that are stranger than fiction.

Orchid Pests and Diseases Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention


This link connects to a document written by Sue Bottom at  This is well written with excellent photographs.  It covers identification and treatment of orchid pests, common orchid diseases, leaf spots (foliar and petal blights), viruses, as well as other types of damage (edema).  This is a "must have" for orchid enthusiasts!

Top 10 Rarest Orchids in the World


This link shows incredibly sharp, large photos of 10 species that are critically endangered and can be rarely seen in nature.  These special species are mesmerizing, coming in many variations, colors and fragrances.  

Orchid Growing for Beginners: The Definitive Guide


If you want to learn how to grow the most beautiful orchids possible, but aren’t even sure of where to start, then this is the guide for you.  As well as a thorough look at the basics, you'l be introduced to the best resources on the web and towards the end of the guide some advanced topics will be covered.

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