EALOC Membership Application


The club is a friendly, warm group of enthusiasts.  You don't have to be an expert and everyone is so very welcome to be a part of the club.


It's easy to join and it can be done using this page.  Just download and complete the form below.  You may e-mail the form, as well as pay online.  That's all there is to it !!!



Click on the file folder, then, on the file name.  The Word document will automatically be ready for downloading and saving to the user's computer.


Download and complete the application.  Then, e-mail the form to the website publisher. 

When sending the application, type in the subject box the following information:



Send application to ealoclub@gmail.com.

Send payment via PayPal.

Click on the "Remit Dues Via PayPal" below and "Welcome to the Club!!!"

Our club fees are lower than most local orchid clubs.

$15.00 Per Member

No PayPal?
Directions to Use Credit or Debit Card
 1.  Click "Remit Dues" button, enter amount of members' fees remittance and click "Continue".
 2.  At "PayPal Log In" page, click "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" button at bottom of page, enter card information and click "Continue".