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Founded in 1963

Affiliated with the American Orchid Society

In 1963, the Eastern Airlines Orchid Club was formed to foster good fellowship through the common love of orchids in all their forms and varieties; to share both the knowledge and techniques of culture and the mystery and beauty of the plants and flowers.


History of the Club

The above-mentioned mission statement was created by the Eastern Airlines Orchid Club which was founded in 1963.  It was through the interest and hard work of O. Clyde Bramblett that the club was formed.


The first meeting was held on July 21, 1963 at the IAM Union Hall at Eastern Airlines on NW 36 Street.  Officers were elected for a term of one year.  They were President Clyde Bramblett, Vice President Carl Gardner, Secretary Fred Stone and Treasurer Ken McCorkel.  Thirty-three people signed the roster and paid their first year's dues of $1.00.


The first guest speaker was Mr. Ruben Sauleda, who, at that time, had been featured in the Sunday edition of the Miami Herald because of his pollination of orchid seeds and hybridizing experiments.  Later, he became Dr. Sauleda and continued his work at his former business "Ruben in Orchids" where he became well known for his hybridizing and flasking until his retirement in May 2014.


Not only did the club promote education in the culture and care of orchids among hobbyists back then, but it was and continues to be very active in the community.


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Our Vision

We seek knowledge through sharing and learning.  Members are encouraged to bring their orchids to the monthly meetings as a means of learning through sharing.


Plants are not awarded ribbons, thus, eliminating the stigma of feeling that orchids are not good enough to share.  Everyone's orchids are worthy and we urge members to bring them for "show and tell".

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2023 Board and Committee Chairs
Board Members

Board Members


President - Chris Rawls

Vice President - Ralph Hernandez

Treasurer - Chris Bernt

Special Events - Betty Alexander

Members-at-Large - Dean and Suellen Powell,

                                    Diane Dickhut, Lou Silva,, Rene Silve, 

                                    Nora Robbins, Yania Martinez and Jorge Li

Committee Members

Committee Chairs


Communications - Chris Rawls

Refreshments - Lou and Rene Silva

Membership - Diane Dickhut

Raffle - Suellen Powell

Silent Auction - Ralph Hernandez

Sunshine - Diane Dickhut

Zoo Project - Betty Alexander

Kampong Project - Yania Martinez

Show and Tell - David Foster

AOS Representative - Alexis Dominguez

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