FTBG "National Orchid Garden" - Introduction


Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden initiated its newest conservation project, officially started on March 8 - 10, 2019, as part of its "International Orchid Festival" event.  FTBG's goal is to become known as "The National Orchid Garden" whereby it will exhibit the largest orchid collection in the Western Hemisphere.  Hundreds of thousands, if not a million, orchids will be placed throughout the garden.  90% of these orchids will be permanently mounted.  


A slideshow show was created to both describe the entire project and show photographs of orchids that have already been placed in the garden.  This slideshow comes in three(3) parts, located on three(3) separate website pages.

***Please note that FTBG is not renaming the garden.  Instead, it wants to be recognized as a national garden for orchids.

Native Orchid 4.jpg
Native Orchid 1.jpg
Native Orchid 2.jpg

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