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International Orchid Foundation 


This is another opportunity to connect with others.  It's also a chance to share and learn.  The webmaster registered the club with this organization.  By doing so, EALOC is now advertised within a 150 mile radius and registered members will be able to see events within that same radius.  

OrchidMap and Orchid Agenda

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International Orchid Foundation

Today we are announcing an

agreement with the International

Orchid Foundation (IOF) to

migrate OrchidMap and Orchid

Agenda to ORCHIDS.ORG, a new

free-usagewebsite dedicated to

promoting orchid growing. 


ORCHIDS.ORG contains information on 527 orchid societies, 444 orchid vendors, 64 public gardens  and 36 judging centers.  We feel it is a better forum for publicizing this information as it allows members to add their own organizations and schedule their own events.  


The ORCHIDS.Org database also includes over 150,000 orchid hybrids and more than 30,000 species.  Members can add orchids to their collection, upload photos and share culture tips for each specific plant with other members. 

We know the IOF is looking for 

coordinators. When you become

the coordinator for a society or

vendor, not only can you change

the contact information but also add

event.  All members logging in from a

location within 150 miles of the event

will see information about it on the

home page.                             



The International Orchid Foundation is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who promote orchid growing via participation in the web site ORCHIDS.ORG and other initiatives.  The organization coordinates closely with orchid societies vendors and botanical gardens, with the goal of getting more people to learn about and to grow orchids.  The IOF is a 501 C3 public charity. Contributions to it are deductible under section 170 of the United States Internal  Revenue Code.     

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