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Learning Through Sharing

This page is dedicated to showing the plants that members brought from their personal collections to share with others at a monthly meeting.  Thereby, club members learn through sharing.  Each plant is presented, discussed, admired and appreciated.  An added feature of this sharing activity results in members feeling closer to each other, creating an atmosphere of friendship and closeness.

March 2023
IMG_1146 edit.jpg

Maxillariella [Mxl.] tenuifolia

Alexis Dominguez and Nuria Cid

IMG_1137 edit.jpg

Dendrobium [Den.] anosmum h.v. superbum

Ralph Hernandez

IMG_1141 edit.jpg

Vanda [V.] Motes Adorbs

Alexis Dominguez and Nuria Cid

IMG_1130 edit.jpg

Dendrobium [Den.] spectabile

David Foster

IMG_1133 edit.jpg

Dendrobium [Den.] thysanochilum

David Foster

IMG_1118 edit.jpg

Dendrobium [Den.] Love Memory “Fizz”

(Den. White Rabbit x Den. Sachi)

Jorge Li

IMG_1124 edit.jpg

Dendrobium [Den.] jenkinsii

Lou and Rene Silva

IMG_1120 edit.jpg

Bulbophyllum [Bulb.] sumatranum x Bulbophyllum [Bulb.] veitchianum

Diane Dickhut

IMG_1127 edit.jpg

Dendrobium [Den.] primulinum (yellow)

Lou and Rene Silva

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