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Learning Through Sharing

This page is dedicated to showing the plants that members brought from their personal collections to share with others at a monthly meeting.  Thereby, club members learn through sharing.  Each plant is presented, discussed, admired and appreciated.  An added feature of this sharing activity results in members feeling closer to each other, creating an atmosphere of friendship and closeness.

March 2024
IMG_1483 edit.jpg

Maxillariella [Mxl.] tenuifolia

Jorge Li

IMG_1481 edit.jpg

Oncidium Heaven Scent “Redolence”

Jorge Li

IMG_1478 edit.jpg

Phalaenopsis schilleriana

Jorge Li

IMG_1499 edit.jpg

Cyrtopodium punctatum

“Cowhorn Orchid”

Lou and Rene Silva

IMG_1502 edit.jpg

“Not Identified”

Eleanor Sanfilippo

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